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About Jens
Jens Lemke
I am just some family guy, who is having fun tinkering with bits, bytes and pixels. My life began in the wonderful 80's with great music hits in an ordinary city in western germany. The first keys under my hands were the C64, that showed me where my future path should be hidden. Later I stumbled over the Atari ST, an Amiga 500 and my first Pentium 120 machine. Since my school years in the 90's I got my hands dirty with all kinds of open source software starting with Linux. This journey was accompanied by all these mature and modern programming languages of these days. Now I have a lot of fun building mobile games with Godot and helping other people with Wordpress powered websites.

THings to tell about Tensiq

Tensiq is an estonian based e-Residency company and meant to be the second part of my digital heart. This project completes my 9to5 engagement to balance my open mind. It provides me the room where I can focus on the fun stuff that led me into the borderless space of bits, bytes and pixels. Here I can develop and publish mobile games and provide services around Wordpress like crafting extremly fast Oxygen based Wordpress sites and host them on Cloudways.
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