All things in life start with why. Feel what powers our minds and thus fuels this company.


Tensiq is an estonian based web and mobile app development company specialized in building custom solutions for innovative projects. We believe in open source technology and the inherent spirit of millions of great people that want to build something awesome. In our mindset everybody should have the right to dig into the technology if he wants to. Every software we use has to give us the possibility to build fast, secure, reliable and maintainable products while targeting most of the commonly used devices. Backed by almost two decades of experience in the IT industry, we really know what we are doing and how to reach the target. We are really good at what we do and love to build awesome things.


Great people create great products. This is our crew to fly this rocket-ship…


"I am the first captain of this rocket. I believe in great people forming even better teams by fluent collaboration, the force of constant improvement and the fun to create awesome products. By using open source technology we have a great tool to collaborate and shape the future in our sense. I invest all of my creativity, experience and skills to deliver smart and elegant solutions.”


Awesome products need great tools. We show you which great products we love and use…

Cross-Platform Apps

We fell in love with the React ecosystem and use all the proven libraries like redux and mobx. To reach the goal of cross-platform we focus on using React Native and React Native Web and wisely select 3rd party libraries that support this approach.

Progressive Web Apps

For building fast and secure web projects we found Gatsby.js as a good fit. Because it uses React.js and Webpack and offers custom plugins we are able to support the goal of cross-platform components with React Native Web.


To reach an high level of performance and security we prefer a serverless approach. Thus we use different cloud solutions like Github Pages, Netlify, Amazon AWS, Google Cloud, etc. to provide an fast and easy to maintain product. For backend services we provide lambda functions based on Go, Node.js and Python.


While we focus on a serverless setup for all our projects, we also use cloud services like Firebase or a combination of servers in Go or Node.JS, NGINX, OpenResty, Redis deployed on Debian or Ubuntu Linux systems to support backend logic.

Programming Languages

Our preferred programming languages to support our projects are Go, Javascript, Java, Python, Lua (OpenResty), GDScript (Godot Engine), ABAP/ABAP-OO (SAP).


We live on Windows, Mac OSX and Linux operating systems and do our coding in Visual Studio Code, Sublime Text and neovim through tmux on Linux systems. We chose the environment that fits best and share our source code via git on Github or Gitea as local replacement.

Cross-Platform Games

After using different kind of game development tools and environments we fell in love with the awesome d Godot Engine. It is a compact open source C++ game engine with a custom Python flavored script language called GDScript. Via different export templates it targets most of the needed platforms. Because of it’s open source nature it is fully extensible and the MIT licence supports a completely free commercial usage.


To create our digital art work and prototypes we rely on Inkscape and Gimp. If we do 3d modelling and rendering or cut-out-animations we use and Blender, which also became very good at video editing, thanks to the Blender Power Sequencer addon.

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