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Baaball by Jens Lemke
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Get started and flick your sheeps through the woods. But be aware of the hidden foxes, they are hiding behind some trees. Try to wake up the sleeping dogs and unleash them to chase you through the trees.

What awaits you?

Shave it

Shave your sheep to get some fresh air around your body. With a shaved sheep you score even better.

Crazy sheperd

Call the sheperd to control your heard. Double your scoring abilities with this additional player. Scoring with the sheperd is also boosted.

Get dirty

If you fall into a mud pool your sheep gets really dirty. And a because your sheep likes to be muddy, it will score with pleasure. You can change the pools with the switcher.

Sleeping dogs

Annoy the sleeping dogs until they get really angry. The anrier they are, the more points you will get.

Unleash dogs

Raging dogs want to escape their cage and want to chase the sheep. Unleash up to 6 dogs by activating the bone. It will release the waiting dog and boost your scoring.

Play some ball

If you managed to unleash your dogs, you can reach out to some balls to shoot them through the woods and push your scoring abilities to the next level.

Deep dive

The pools of water are connecte to dive deep though the woods and reach the other end in a blink. You can switch the pools by the switcher.

Sounds funny?

You can find Baaball in your favorite app store and play it for free with one sheep. If you like it you can unlock the game and all the features within the app.

Let me show you a quick gameplay sequence

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Flick your sheep through the tiny forrest. If your sheep comes to speed it throws some dust in the air. Try to reach the sleeping dogs in their cages and wake them up. Hopp into the pools to get either dirty or deep-dive to the other end of the forrest.

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Let's share

If you reach a score that you are proud of. Share it with your friends and familiy. Maybe they want to compete with you and beat your highscore.
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